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The following meats are offered at our store in Tucson.

Come visit us to view our full selection located at 3840 W Ina Rd #100

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pork chops w sign_edited.jpg

​We offer the following beef cuts in PRIME and High-Grade Choice

  • Bavette

  • Ribeye

  • T-Bone

  • ​​​Filets​

  • New York Strip

  • Ground Beef

  • Chuck and Rump Roast 

  • Brisket 

  • Burger Patties 

         and more! ​

Are you looking to fill your freezer or pick up a box for the big family BBQ this weekend? Davison Meats offers butcher boxes. Our butcher boxes are prepackaged and readily available for your convenience. You can also preorder a butcher box from the tab above.

  • Pork Chops 

  • Pork Roast 

  • Pork Butt 

  • Pork Tenderloin

  • Ground Sausages 

  • Chorizo

  • Ribs 

  • Bacon

           and more! ​

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